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​​​​​"But behind the despair, I chose to see hope. Blake was a tough guy who had overcome so much. He had shown real courage & strength of character. I had to believe that while the church might seem like home today, the real Blake I knew and loved would find his true voice once more and seek a more fulfilling life away from the church’s dead hand. I had to hope. It was all I had left."


​​Chapter One: The Enemy Within

​​Preface: One woman's journey into medical hell 

​​Chapter Three:  Like Mother, Like Son

​​Chapter Four:  PTSD & the Betrayal of Our Veterans

​​​​​"The work will be too late for many who are suffering today but I’m betting we’ll look back on 2016 as the year the tide turned & in another 30 years when CFS & ME have been subdivided into perhaps dozens of specific illnesses, our heirs will look back on this period as one of the Dark Days of modern medicine...I’m confident that many of us who have suffered so needlessly for so long will at last have the prospect of a successful treatment."

​​Chapter Five: A Dying Son and a Mother's Revenge

​​​​​​​​​"If the strength and experience I’ve acquired through this unusual and unique medical treatment gives me a voice to speak for the millions that can’t scream, so be it. I hear so many silent echoes, its heartbreaking and truly disturbing."

"But no matter how tumultuous my childhood was, whether it was my parents or my own curiosity, my son’s was harder.
But his struggle came not from without, like mine, but from within.

​​Chapter Two:  The Gulf Wars & the VA Lies

​​Chapter Six: CFS and ME – Ignorance and Tragedy

"Every time I hear of a veteran who struggles with PTSD or of a friend with CFIDS or of an attempted or successful suicide, my heart fractures just a little more. This is my story that will give comfort and hope to the millions who thought there was none."

​​​"But, this is more than just a tale of government incompetence at multiple levels. There are millions of men & women who have been lumped together under the general heading of “mentally ill” as a convenient way of evading the diagnosis of more complex illnesses. This unnecessary suffering has caused suicides, abuse, depression & the destruction of happy families."

Chapter Eight : CFS: Many Causes, One Result

​​​​​​​​"I have clarity around something else: there are a range of illnesses that may include PTSD, Epstein-Barr, HHV-6A, Dengue Fever, Q Fever, the swine Flu and others such as a head injury that seem to trigger CFS in some people."

Chapter Seven:Diagnosis & Treatment; Hope & Despair

Chapter Nine : The Miracle of Life

​​​"I am convinced that more could and should have been done. Everything I’ve learned since then tells me that mono is a kind of gateway illness for CFIDS and other sicknesses and early preventive treatment can reduce the impact of mono and the potential onset of more severe illnesses."

"Let us all work together to end the scourge of CFS. With your help, we can shine a bright light into the darkness and help find a cure for the millions who suffer from this terrible illness."

​​​​"It is time for veterans and their families – those who have truly sacrificed so that the rest of us may remain safe at home – to receive the care and treatment they deserve. "

​​​​​"As the illness took hold, it was both tragic and incredibly frustrating to watch Blake transform from the smart, aggressive sports loving teenager into someone quite different... transformed into this teenager who hadn’t even got the energy to get out of bed in the morning. "

One woman’s journey into medical hell and the lessons that will help cure millions.

Chapter Ten: A Plan for the Future